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"Iran Election Activists" - to all of you who seem to be engaged in a political war which isn´t yours:

- did you ever think about the fact that CNN´s or the West´s news coverage is deliberately manipulating you ?
. that the ones shown holding up signs on which "Where is my vote" is written in european letters, in english, do NOT represent the majority in Iran ?
- that the ones twittering and blogging etc. are NOT the majority of electors ?
- that Moussavi is in fact a pro-Mullah, pro-islamic, candidate ?
- that Ahmadinejad is someone who modernized his state DESPITE the power of mullahs and pro-islamic analphabets in Iran ?

Surprised ? 

I am not pro-Ahmadinejad. But I would never engage politically in this country´s internal affairs. If you think YOU have got freedom of speech, then look at what happens at the Geneva protests. 

Sometimes, democracy has to be protected, against anti-democratic forces. The NSDAP had been voted for, remember ? In Europe, in the USA, authorities stick to this paradigm. Images of Abu Ghraib are not published, the outcomings of the investigations to JFK´s death will only be published in 2017, fascist and racist political parties are infiltrated by secret services. We do it. They do it. 
I wouldnt like to see the Mullahs regain more power in Iran. Neither would you. I m not saying support Ahmadinejad. All I´m saying is: we obviously can´t have a clue.

Keep out of this - it encourages some countries to attack Iran with the "democratic consent" of their "educated" population, and to destabilize it further. It doesn´t help the country, it doesn´t help the people there. But it´s so much fun to play "1968" again, right ?

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